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Practical Deck Renovations in the Lansing, MI Area

Decks make a great addition to any home so that you can delight in being outdoors with your friends and family. Whether it’s a weekend barbecue, an intimate family gathering or a night of star-gazing with your sweetie, a deck can be used for just about any form of outdoor entertaining. Many homeowners initially build their deck on a small budget and then decide to make improvements or additions to it later on as their wants and needs change. If you could use a deck renovation in the Lansing area, Quad A Construction specializes in building custom decks to your unique specifications and budget.

deck renovation

Add-Ons to Help Maximize Your Deck Space Enjoyment

There are so many add-ons you can do to enhance your overall enjoyment of your deck, including:

Built-In Benches

Have you ever considered adding built-in benching to make your deck more functional? It can actually be cheaper than replacing your deck furniture year after year!


You can add solar lighting to be more eco-friendly or fun fairy lights to create a more festive feel for your deck. Light fixtures are not only aesthetic, but they also add extra security.


Applying a waterproofing sealant can help keep your deck’s boards from swelling or warping, enhancing your deck’s overall lifespan.

Deck Extensions

If your deck has become cramped feeling with bulky furniture or your family has expanded over the years, perhaps it’s time to also expand your deck. A deck extension may be easier than you think.

Fire Pits or Patio Warmers

While you may be tempted to add a built-in fire pit to your deck, this could actually become a bit of a fire hazard (especially for wooden decks). Adding a portable patio warmer can help you safely keep warm!

Call Us for a Free Deck Renovation Estimate Today

Whether you want to build a new deck or enhance your existing one, Quad A Construction offers free estimates for deck renovations in the Lansing area. Give us a call today to discover how we can help you maximize your comfort with a beautiful new deck space that’s as durable and functional as it is relaxing. Decks also add major re-sell value to your home!